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Computer Repair Dallas

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For more information about onsite computer maintaince, or for the DIY client feel free to visit our blog for the best tips and tricks to help maintain your computer. The help section can be useful. Visit our Blog

Dallas Computer Repair

Onsite Computer Repair Dallas

Onsite Computer Repair Dallas

Welcome to PcMedix; Onsite Computer Repair Dallas, we provide Computer Repair for all computer brands and PC problems including laptop repair, virus removal, desktop repair, wired and wireless networks, and PC house call repairs in Dallas TX.

PcMedix Computer Repair, specializes in onsite Dallas Computer Repair and Computer Support. Our onsite services include, virus removal, spyware removal, data backup, data recovery, home netowrking, business networking, IT Servics, Cloud services. PcMedix PC Repair service is available 24/7 for emergancy onsite PC Repair and onsite PC Supportfor residential and businesses in the Dallas area, to get in touch with a Dallas Computer Technician or for more information or Schedule an appoitment for onsite service at (469) 733-8293.

PcMedix. will come to your home or office to service your computer needs. We can come to YOUR location for onsite network setup, network consulting and support, printer sharing setup, new computer setup, data transfer and data backup tasks, virus removal and MORE.

We specialize in providing On-Site computer repair services and network support for your home or office. PcMedix. delivers On-demand, On-Site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable. Our commitment to outstanding customer service has made us the most respected On-Site computer repair and support provider in Dallas.

General hardware repair / software repair includes computer troubleshooting issues for Laptop LCD Screen Replacement, Laptop DC Jack Repair, Windows Operating System, Tune-up, Network Security, PC Repair Dallas, Internet Connectivity troubleshooting are just a few of our On-Site Services

Computer Repairs

If your computer is running slow, or having blue screens, or just now working right, or not running at all, dont panic. Your computer is not a "goner;" most likely it just needs some computer maintaience from our technicians to make it as good as new. Give PcMedix. to get PC Repair Dallas a call and we will provide FREE diagonstics and thorough, reliable computer repair work.

Computer Upgrades

When you purchased your computer system, it was the latest and greatest, but six months later there was already something better and faster on the market. PcMedix can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low cost upgrades to your existing computer. Call PcMedix. today to find out how a computer upgrade can improve productivity, increase processing speed and keep you on the cutting edge of computer technology without purchasing a whole new desktop system.

Virus / Spyware Removal

Computer viruses and spyware are running rampant, and either one take over and/ or damage a computer operating system without the users consent or knowledge, bringing anything from annoying pop-up ads (adware) to serious hard drive damage. Our PC technicians can clean your computer to remove existing viruses and spyware, as well as inoculate you against future infection. Dont wait, get in touch with PcMedix today - we have the Medication for your situation! Read More » Dallas Virus removal

Data Recovery Service

Have you had a hard drive crash or computer crash? PcMedix can perform a Level II data recovery of your valuable documents, photos and audio files. We can transer the files to your another computer or laptop, or copy your files to CD or DVD disks. Call us for quote on data recovery. Read More about Dallas Data Recovery

Wired Networks / Wireless Networks

Its great when your computer and network devices can share bandwidth, files, printers and more? Home and office computers systems offer more power and flexibility when they are networked together. Call PcMedix and we will get a tech out for onsite service to get your computer, laptop, and related devices "talking" to each other, regarless if you have wired connections or wireless devices!